Past Project (2009-04-14 till 2008-05-11)
Numero uno of the (soontobe) famous pola-retro series that you all (or at least two girls I know (I admit that one of them is my humble self)) have waited for so long! Try to compose a genre by shooting a self-(or someone else's)-portrait, mimicking the particular era with your hairdo, clothing, glasses, accessories... Feel free to consult movies (Casablanca, The 3rd man, Bambi,..) or google for era-specific information and inspiration. Attenzione - this is not about uploading your motha's wedding pictures! Submissions have to be new pix and your own work, done exclusively for this project - othawise it would be half the fun. "Play it once, folx. For old times' sake!"
Winning Picture:
"Choco 95" by orezemit
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