Past Project (2010-05-26 till 2010-06-07)
Still deeply moved and squashed by the many unforgettable impressions of last week, when Webbo visited the only two of the Eight Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence (the Pyramids© at Giza and the former Polaroid© factory at Enschede), he now can not resist choosing "Monuments" as the topic of the new project. Monument (from Latin "monumentum" (from Latin "monere") *) "A building, statue or other edifice created to commemorate a person or important event, also often used in reference to something of extraordinary size and power." Swarm out and shoot these edifices (whatever this strange word might mean) in your neighborhood; great chinese walls, statues of liberty, towers of eiffels, tajes of mahales, henges of stone. Don't panic if you're living in a rural area that lacks monumental buildings or statues, a monument doesn't necessarily need to be man-made, just remember the "extraordinary size and power" definition -Monument Valley, Ayers Rock, the nose of El Capitan, the triceps of il Webbolino, ..the world is full of monumental wonders, search them, find them, shoot them! (please limit yourself to a max of 5 submissions per user) * from Sanskrit "mona" - a dried fruit; or a basket in which snakes are carried
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"Druidic." by CDR
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