Past Project (2011-01-05 till 2011-01-19)
It's only a few days ago that you made this year's new resolutions .. but I trust that you already broke some of them! So please show us your finest lapses, let us witness you joyfully neglecting the promises you made to yourself. You, greedily gorging yourself at the greasy all-you-can-eat buffet, after having promised yourself to loose weight .. delightfully inhaling a nice fat doobie, after having promised to quit smoking .. tenderly sucking on the magnum bottle, after having promised to drink less .. finally moving into the brothel, after having promised to spend more time with your family .. the postman delivering the 30 tenpacks of PX70 push!, after you promised yourself to never again waste money on impossibly crappy film.. Show us the weakness of your character! Show us your lust for  slovenly life!
Winning Picture:
" my heart" by KneeBee
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