LiA (Wien, AT)

makes wonderful images and seems to be a very chaotic person which I like very much :)

currywurst (Boeblingen, DE)

brötli bar liebhaber and makes some unrecognisable swan images

polgaroid (A Coruna, ES)

pictures with a poetic style, very beautiful

DasLama (Basel, CH)

a fellow basel polaroider...what else is there to say...I got something now: great self-portraits...

makray (Nottingham, GB)

has some lovely kids shots and is just starting with transfers and stuff...have a's the me man ;)

bonnie (Ann Arbor, US)

she can *hear* me

Max (Carpi, IT)

I love his eiffeltower pix and all the others are great too...

colourspace (Warwick, GB)

I love the blue tone of her images

Poladroid (Paris, FR)

great shots of trees and nature...breathtaking, trust me, but go see by yourself

kyng (Bangkok, TH)

the sweetest guy around can't imagine how sweet :)

vodkaz (Bangkok, TH)

funny guy ;))))

7SAMURAI (Bangkok, TH)

satanic57 (London, GB)

cute honigpferdchen...very creative and sweet,,,

Mr-E (Unknown, )

he must be nice, cause he says nice things about my images

photoked (Denver, US)

my far away friend, very talented and a great guy btw

Hugh Whitaker (, )

I share his passion for dreaming and he's got a great collection of beautiful polaroids

stan.lmrvg (Reims, FR)

mais oui...

ponte (Muenchen, DE)

asnakeinthegrass (Columbus, OH, US)

PhotoDr (29 palms, US)

he got it

mephisto19 (Hannover, DE)

here and there...he's everywhere :)

ferro_ud (Udine, IT)

likes bananas, like I do

_magenta_ (Bologna, IT)

black_city (***, )