Esther.Z.Schnickenacke (Muenchen, DE)

You are a new inspiration for me :)

PheebsYeahBaby (Adelaide, )

i like so much what she put on the picture...woven..ecc

elinor (???, US)

beautiful atmosphere!

SteveTilbury (London, GB)

His world is magic.

lets_explode (California, US)

Coolest shot on the site!

dier (Bassano del grappa, IT)

one of my favourite for his dark room manipulation

onepaladin (Honolulu, US)

beautiful effects on his images! one of the most original!

dusdin (Brooklyn, US)

beautifull portrait!

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

great gallery!
fantastic collages
fantastic portrait
fantastic WORLD!

battavia (Paris, FR)

one of the most sensual gallery!!!

LEjovik (Baltimore, US)

I love TOO much her sensual "Collages".

LiA (Wien, AT)

a precious artists for all!!!

stOOpidgErL (Detroit, US)

her gallery is a TRIP!!!!!!
nice trip!

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

some of my favourite shoot on the site...and nice eyes :D

retina (Koeln, DE)

her pics have a great look and a little bit of OLD style that I love!!!

amaliachimera (San Francisco, US)

a very very interesting and full of atmosphere gallery!!

Hugh Whitaker (, )

just find out but already great

PH (29 palms, US)

THE BASQUIAT of the site!!!

philippebourgoin (Paris, FR)

One of the mostsensualbutsweetatthesametime gallery

C5 (Aix en Provence, FR)

another ipersensual gallery

cah (Ferrara, IT)

what a sensual gallery! amazing!

HyppoliteAlaska (, )

pure parisienne spirit :-)

superficielle (Marseille, FR)

great drawned gallery!!!

edulterado (Barcelona, ES)

wow! some of the most sensual erotic picture on the site......every shot has an amazing feeling. W GRANADA!!!!

miamagic (El Paso, US)

a new polauser...but amazing!

colourspace (Warwick, GB)

his gallery has a sensibility out of ordinary! Great

stephan (75011, FR)

nice nice gallery!

milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

a genius! a beautiful gallery!
W la France

liliroze (Paris, FR)

new spirit of Sarah Moon....

missingshow (Cardiff, GB)

various style in a beautiful gallery

Wespionage (Philadelphia, US)

very original shots!

colie (Orlando, US)

a real wlid-surrealistic spirit!

Amandine (Boulogne, FR)

wow...i've just discovered amandine world and i yet love it!

irene l. (Zuerich, CH)

just discovered....a jewel!

francesco132 (Padova, IT)

venetostyle :-)

keico (Tokyo, JP)

a princess of the blue.....

sistermarycasey (Texas, US)

a lovely style.....very similar to what i like to do on a polaroid!!!

lilhaga (Marseille, FR)

beautiful style!

solexposure (Montana, US)

sweet and sexy

audret (Montpellier, FR)

queen of soft focus!

mixed_pickles (, )

beautiful white world!

Peau (75020, FR)


MissMarPa (***, IT)

Beautiful middle format shoot....but not only.....!!!!

lazyeye (Reykjavik, IS)

a great gallery from ICELAND!

mattjudas (Levanto, IT)

incredible atmosphere from another time!

polatina (Muenchen, DE)

WOW What incredible gallery! When pictures meet painting

petere (Tyresö, SE)

A middle-format great artist!

alexxx (Niort, FR)

great gallery!

Lajos Gombos (Budapest, HU)

beautiful b-w middle format!

CecileA (Thonon-les-Bains, FR)

i love her gallery!

fny (Montpellier, FR)

great sensibiltiy. her atmosphere make me feel in another time!

loulou (Paris, FR)

Funny and sensual at the same time! Splendide POLA!

wish (Civitanova marche, IT)

talento italiano :-)

smallfilms (, )

beautiful old style!!!

m6 (Above the clouds, FR)

very interesting photographer :-)

aR-Ka (Athens, GR)

Great gallery!

RaymondMolinar (Los Angeles, CA, US)

so evocative pictures!

TheGentlemanAmateur (London, GB)

Great expired british atmosphere!!!

chiarazavolta (Milano, IT)

Interesting gallery by interesting girl!

Breathless (Geneve, CH)