butrus76 (Verona, IT)

I like many of his polaroids, especially the 4x5 inch pictures. they have a great mood and the light is fantastic. have a look!!

tam-tam (Muenchen, DE)

Very inspiring! Great expired polas! Exspecially love this one:

streit3000 (Wien, AT)

a talented and creative photographer. He has a special sense for aesthetics and beauty. also he is a wonderful and good friend.

franck (Paris, FR)

amazing work. a must see on polanoid.

Greenhorn (Aachen, DE)

very cool guy!!! some weeks ago, he shot his first polaroid and i was impressed...

aurelienD (Paris, FR)

illustration on polaroid! so lovely!

Gulli (Paris, FR)

Thank You For Shopping (Seattle, US)

4seasonsandanight (Koeln, DE)

spitocco (, )

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

funny (and drunken) and lovely man, who is the master of pocket-lamps!!! Wonderful pictures, you must see!!!

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

i like her accent, when she speaks or write something in german... thatīs funny and lovely. iīm always excited to her creative selfportraits and someday i will meet her daughter because of the 10000 photos, she has made of her! carmen, you are the best english-teacher!

LiA (Wien, AT)

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

a funny and friendly girl. she writes a thousand comments and everytime it is a great pleasure for me to read those. Her manipulations are wonderful!

iso50 (Truro, GB)

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

AnaAngel (Melbourne, )

LulaMay (Bari, IT)

a great mix of beautiful, tender and funny pictures. cool work!

Daniel (Aachen, DE)

Polinife (75020, FR)

Fraeulein (Cork, IE)

sakkiko (London, GB)

silvana (***, )

stan.lmrvg (Reims, FR)

bobharris (Kansas City, US)

callaveron (Aachen, DE)

pola-art (Stuttgart, DE)

flowkey (Berlin, DE)

lars.blumen (Berlin, DE)

winofigments (New York City, US)

CecileA (Thonon-les-Bains, FR)

scrubs077 (Goettingen, DE)

jOJoLriGoLo (Versailles, FR)

TicKL-magazine (Wien, AT)

_magenta_ (Bologna, IT)

myrussiantoy (***, )

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

Milch (Kassel, DE)

LEjovik (Baltimore, US)

Wezzoribrezzo (Reggio Emilia, IT)

kevinkay (New York City, US)

innocentartistry (75010, FR)

Gotnc (Paris, FR)

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)

niko (Home Island, CC)

KrisMorgenlicht (Abahachi, AF)

innocent.essence (Bologna, IT)

edulterado (Barcelona, ES)

sx70.dk (Kobenhavn, DK)

Kantine (Sankt Gallen, CH)

captaindan (Brighton, GB)

TravisLeeStreet (Seoul, KR)

maryjohnofkings (Porto, PT)

mll0ll (, )

louelise (Grenoble, FR)

Mrlavinyl (Madrid, ES)

Betsy (Enschede, NL)

The most beautiful model in the world!!!

Reyo (Paris, FR)

boskapola (Eindhoven, NL)

TheGentlemanAmateur (London, GB)

KneeBee (Wuerzburg, DE)

agaschinka (Berlin, DE)

witzlin (Goeteborg, SE)

noidmeister (Wien, AT)