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TicKL #4 - The Dickstravaganza Issue!
(rub your body against our cover or else just click)

"New! Improved! Mre cck per ero than ever befre!"
TicKL is a naughty bookazine: plain sensual, frankly arty, the result of a lusty liaison between Polaroid and sx. Young and playful, literate and witty and so very ready to TicKL your fancy. We blow minds, and we are good at it.

In this issue, TicKL #4, your very own purveyor of prn, proudly presents exquisitely home-crafted grumble from Liliane Vertessen and Michal Borremans, plus paraphilic Polaroid pleasures from some of the most shocking reprobates in Christendom. More than 20 real and amateur artist/photographers display the inside of their sexual soul in Polaroids and texts.

Now why would you resist?

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