LiA (Wien, AT)

Beautiful, Friendly, Clever, Multi Talented, Red Hair.... do I need to continue?

prismes (Paris, FR)

A big inspiration to me, found her on deviantART - very excited to find her here also!

OuroborosX (New York, US)

Great, experimental work and always has a nice word to say!

stOOpidgErL (Detroit, US)

Amazing works, very experimental. One to watch!

gesenu73 (Forli, IT)

His works truely inspire me! amazing artist

nel (Ludwigsburg, DE)

Found her on deviantART.... and found her here!

artpunk (Melbourne, AU)

Talented and sweet

lloydhughes (Perth, AU)

WebMeister (Wien, AT)

Someone who is always trying to improve this community...

oh and he is also sweet and has a funny sense of humour!

lisa (Unknown, US)

Only one image in her gallery so far, but if that has any thing to show of what her work is like - then she is definatly an artist worth watching!

missingshow (Cardiff, GB)

The guy is from welsh wales, he takes cool photos with miss Lia and his gallery is rather cool. Good enough reason to add him to this list i think

The_Creepalichs (Cardiff, GB)

How could I not watch these guys?

candicetripp (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

wonderful work, I feel in love with so many images

severin (Wien, AT)

Someone I would like to see more work from, his digital and film works are so strong I want to see how he fares in polaroid.

come one sev, submit!

tam-tam (Muenchen, DE)

stunning gallery, I must keep an eye on this person!

pola_risiert (Bremen, DE)

centecente (Cremona, IT)

ulf (Austin, US)

fellow Regina Spektor fan *salute*

elinor (???, US)

kjphoto (Lincoln, GB)

a_p_verity (Lincoln, GB)