Urizen (Berlin, DE)

The president of the Spanish Cyclope Organisation.
A very talented guy too !

LiA (Wien, AT)

she's a star from Malta ...

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

Very talented Belgian lady ...

Antoine (Marseille, FR)

i love his work so much that i don't have to say anything ... check his pictures or die !

spitocco (, )

The talented dandy dada from Italy ...

butow (Bremen, DE)

very nice work of pleasure :-)
The master of emotional nude !

Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf (Berlin, DE)

the spiritual mazel'roll gourou !

artpunk (Melbourne, AU)

The Australian Magritte !

I try to be the Belgian Crocodile Dandee but i still have a lot of work to become it .

spyros (Wisconsin Rapids, US)

makray (Nottingham, GB)

land (Stockholm, SE)

One of me favorite photographer out here ...

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

making ejaculating J.C is not something that everybody can do ...

Piti_area51 (Bangkok, TH)

robertpadilla (Chicago, US)

Monsieur Rock'n'Roll

bluecitrusart (Los Angeles, US)

i love her legs , oups i mean i lov her work and her narrative sensibility

capitainePESTE (Montreal, CA)

heather (What Cheer, US)

who's that girl ?

maxime (75011, FR)


battavia (Paris, FR)

to know him is to love him !

master of erotica !

Luxury from Paris :-D

ronan (***, FR)

skater in the storm ...

CecileA (Thonon-les-Bains, FR)

c'mon let's eat my fries ...

adverbistheword (San Francisco, US)

Funny girl from San Fransisco

gregory (Paris, FR)

Les plus belle fesses du site ...

did (Chicago, US)

One of my favorite photographer here .
i put him on my friends list , so i can get a quick link to see his work, but i don't really know him.
A must to see !

photomass (?, )

The author of a very exiting project about vernacular architecture in the U.S ...
And a very nice person !

reddude945 (New York City, US)

The Polaroid's Historian !

Stefano (, )

The sneaker's poet from big apple :-)

BAGABAR (Kansas City, US)

The documentalist of the Vegas life and universe ...

macs (, )

He's a very talented photogapher ... a wonderful portraitist and sharped eyes for achitecture and industrial environements !

silvana (***, )

She's a sharped eyed lady for industrial and architecture environements and a great nature photographer without kitsh intentions but with strongly soul sensibility .

fOtto (Gent, BE)

the rider trough the belgian fog ...

sikost (Saint-Raphael, FR)

We share the same love to wierd little brunette beauties , freaks , marginals and high heels !

beau_de_nuit (Minneapolis, US)

The owner of the coolest appartement in Mineapolis...

The virtuose of male nude on that site ...

I secretly think he's the true Elvis hiden son ...

sucre.candy (Brussel, BE)

the PoLa-witnesses from the "true" Brussel's streets and life !

bastard.club (South Pole, AQ)

Member of that club are so stupid, they think that Pokémon is Jamaican gay porn!

rodeo (London, GB)

London girl with attitude and "must to have"underpants !

philippebourgoin (Paris, FR)

believe me or not she's the SEXiest girl around !

vadim (Charleroi, BE)

The late night rider on the smog right from the car jack city !
A romantic vision and sound of the desperate living from this little fictional country , called Belgium ...

uncleslappy38 (Columbus, OH, US)

His work is pretty coherant even if it's full of diferent things ...
Watching his work gave you the desire to leave everything , buying a third hand Ford (or a Toyota ...) and hit the road ...
Travel's pictures without exotism , through the comon life of western civilisation...poetry from the custumers world ...
All these words to express the fact that is one of my favorite work here !

g. (Hamburg, DE)

" G "is the point !
Aka Gerald , not Mozart (but Brahms)ל
He does wonderful pictures between east and west , between grounds and skies , earth and cosmos ... He's the polaroid wizzard from Riga ...the Zaratoustra of the instant imagery , the messie of chemistry ק!
he's the stimulate G point of that site ... ב


δίπτυχος !

Otto , el pilot di colores in diptyque Land !


orb (La Paz, BO)

The one that felt this lonely melancholy from the city of grey ... and in the same time the one that captured the colors explosion of the Bolivan common life !

nasten (Modena, IT)

a Dostoievski's character in north of Italy that collect Polaroids sent from all around the world by unknow people as me !
So what are you waiting ? send her Polaroids !!!!!


Monomaniac is Macromaniac and things and i like their things and the way they do it ....
The best conceptual macro travel since Micropolis !

abstract_patrick (New York, US)

Patrick is calling himself abstract , but is one of the master of pola cubism with unique style !

i wish to have the chance one day to see his stuff in real ...

von_bauer (Paris, FR)

Le roi des mélanges inavouables ...

Joakim (Montpellier, FR)

Putain putain
C'est vachement bien
Nous sommes quand même
Tous des Européens !

Youri-margarine (Brussel, BE)

Beach margarine boy with polaroids on his hand !
Travelling around the world with his Sprout'nic !

McKenzie (-, )

The dude ! ( german version )

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)

As they say in Antwerpen : " Polaroids are made for ever..."

coxinel (., )

i like when a girl treat me as a dirty wet and warm someone with punkrock culture references ...

Sofortbild-Shop-Berlin (Berlin, DE)


Siho (Gamagori, JP)

i like his sensible, sophisticate and delicate images

mme.Xposed (Varna, BG)

Because I'm worth it :-D

Gilo (Makati, PH)

Gilo : bring the sexy back from the Phillipines !
Alleyluha !

futurowoman (Denton, US)

Someone that really know what vernacular means !

cliveal (Westminster, VT, US)

thearcadesuperhero (Blackburn, GB)

clemenceforeau (Somewhere, FR)

non mais oui !

john_gee (Nevada, US)

the real stuff from Nevada !