fritz (Wien, AT)

i do know him very well!
One of my best friends in the world.
helpful and warmhearted.

mathieu (Bordeaux, FR)

I like his sence of humor

Maciej.Pachowicz (Poznan, PL)

very talented guy.
funny an soulful.

Hugh Whitaker (, )

I like his work a lot.
It's soulful even a bit melancholy and very personal.
makes you wanna see bath.

manwinmodesty (Stockholm, SE)

i like her style a lot.
nice sence of fashion, and humor.
also her pics remind me a bit of "alice in wonderland"

inkaust (Krakow, PL)

i think she's having the best selfportaits, and her pictures remide a bit to film classic set ups.
kind of dark and scarry and a bit romantic but nerver in a trashy way.
very talented.

BarbaraAllen (***, ES)

very fresh pola her combinations. nice way of story telling

Rio (Berlin, DE)

very beautiful polariods!! full of live, fun, nature, enjoyment, friends...........and much more.

gotosleep (Edinburgh, GB)

one of my favorite polanoid artists.