irishfish (Paris, FR)

I love watching the world through her eyes.
I'm a young Jedi, she is my Yoda...

artpunk (Melbourne, AU)

Makes me smile a lot, by his pictures full of hapiness and his nice comments.
His hommage à Magritte is fantastic.

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

On dit Madame.
Writes fast. Thinks faster. Talks even faster...
Altruistic energy distributor

bonnie (Ann Arbor, US)

Loves DADA. Looks smart with a beret. Makes amazing stuff in her Moleskine. But not only...

curiousme (London, GB)

Very strong B&W double exposures. I can't help being touched by her pictures.

Soreal (***, FR)

Each of his amazing pictures is a little story. Great style of his own.

Fab (Milano, IT)

I'm very jealous of his smart pictures and his stock of m&m's...

spitocco (, )

I'm totally amazed and impressed by his "this is" serie. Very sensitive, very strong work.

jillog (Washington DC, US)

My Gemini sister from the other side of the ocean...

FILIPPO (Viterbo, IT)

He's talented.
He's got style.
He's italian.
He's my sweetheart.

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

He's spanish. I'm french. We're supposed to hate each other (a question of fruits and frontier) but I love his work! Very inspiring and innovative...

Jakob.Salomon (Muenchen, DE)

The mood of his pictures and the music he choose on his profile page make me feel cosy. Great and rare feeling.

gjamroski (Seattle, US)

The Holgaroid Master

Pola_Me (Ljungkile, SE)

Fantastic NYC serie among other great pictures...

demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

Minimalist. Colorful. Intense. Stylish.
I love his work.

flowkey (Berlin, DE)

His pictures are like dreams coming to light. Un petit air désuet qui me plait.

MarcoBruni (Arezzo, IT)

Simply the Master of lifts...

Jose605 (Madrid, ES)

Simple and nevertheless powerful. I like his vision.

silvana (***, )

She wears well the mustach but most of all, she makes wonderful pics!

BenjaminLenzen (Krefeld, DE)

Fantastic eye.

retina (Koeln, DE)

I can't believe I forgot to add Retina la bella to my friendlist...oups! Big mistake repaired... ;-)

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

I always look at his pictures, now I have a faster way to have a great evasion time.

joel (Bierges, BE)

A sweet fight clubber who knows where to eat the best belgium fries of the entire wide world and agrees to say it to an unknown tourist like myself.
A great man in one word!

zveliakine (***, FR)

He is behind the cinema screen and opens us its secret doors with great style.

BarbaraAllen (***, ES)

She seems to have decided to keep her pics uploaded under the same nickname, which is a good news for us all. Great creativity and evident style.

PEPITE (Lille, FR)

Une pépite d'or cette Laure...

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

A great source of inspiration!

jmgcg (Lisboa, PT)

Great pola manipulator. Has a colorist vision.

RCMFoto (Barcelona, ES)

Amazing world

holgabitch (Toronto, CA)

Fantastic sense of combination. Her dyptics are very impressive.

dimitris (Athens, GR)

His polaroids tell the long story of Greece and Greeks. I travel far away every visit I pay him. And I love it!

kuda (Portland, OR, US)

Powerful and colorful vision.
Hope to see more...

United_Polanoiders (Paris, FR)


Ze dyptiqueur

Tout simplement...

mikaelkennedy (New York City, US)

SX 70 Portrait Maestro


Il fait le bougon mais en fait c'est un rigolo...

petochok (Montreal, CA)

HyppoliteAlaska (, )

joliement douée...

Reindeer (, )

Boy without coat

My.Iowa (., US)

She captures NYC soul with her camera.

hektor (Paris, FR)

Il a l'air doué le petit...

Lajos Gombos (Budapest, HU)


tigroo (Marseille, FR)

Amateur très éclairé

amaliachimera (San Francisco, US)


desao (Chester, GB)

This man is a magician.

myrussiantoy (***, )

Gotnc (Paris, FR)

Une fille forcément formidable vu son prénom, qui a le chic d'etre au bon endroit au bon moment...

superficielle (Marseille, FR)

Elle a besoin d'assistants, sauf pour ses selfs qu'elle réussit très bien toute seule!

fake_palindrome (Delft, NL)

Had a great time meeting him in Paris. Should be by here more often!!!

sixblueten (San Francisco, US)

Nice fellow.
Hides behind his camera sometimes, but the result is worth it...

inkaust (Krakow, PL)

Because her pics have a soul

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)


polatina (Muenchen, DE)

She is gifted.
Works on textures with both talent and imagination.
To keep an eye on...

jkreileder (Dortmund, DE)

I think I can say I like his pics.


milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

Soft, tender et tellement plus encore...

xeal (75012, FR)

Le Maitre de la chambre

ciarco79 (All over the world, IT)

Photobooth maestro
(entre autres...)

poena (75020, FR)

Burlesque comme il faut.

petere (Tyresö, SE)

Gifted man.
His pictures make me breathe.

Artsyken (Tokyo, JP)

Powerful vision in b&w. Very inspiring.

whereismyhome (Toulouse, FR)

A quand un polameet sur les quais de la daurade?

Vicktor (Paris, FR)

Un frenchie au pays des caribous ou tout n'est pas noir ni blanc...

radlov (Moscow, RU)

Same effect on me than Agota Kristof

Ethanol (Marseille, FR)

... Ou de l'ivresse des sens

louelise (Grenoble, FR)

From virtuality to reality (which is even better!)
Vivement la prochaine, mais sans la pluie!!

lilhaga (Marseille, FR)

Une fan du ferry boat est forcément une fille bien.
Et quand en plus elle fait de bonnes images, alors...

Kuroneko (Tokyo, JP)

through a talented eye.

Sofortbild-Shop-Berlin (Berlin, DE)

ZE place to go!!

neomoderneranalogkram (-, DE)

strange name
great pics

mattjudas (Levanto, IT)

Tout simplement

orezemit (Roswell, US)

a wise man

Philomene (Paris, FR)

Converse girl, le style en plus.

coxinel (., )

Femme à lunettes...
C'est quand qu'on refait un polameet à NYC?

pixette (Montreal, CA)

Sherpa, modèle et spectreuse de graffs.
C'est quand qu'on refait un polameet à NYC?

AzeMj (???, FR)

Azé, tout simplement.

RaymondMolinar (Los Angeles, CA, US)

There is a specific mood in his pictures. They evocate a little something of Beat generation to me.

klebs (Chatou, FR)

Traveller photographer itou

rommel (New York City, US)

Can't wait to see more.

jstark (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Great stylish portraits

TheGentlemanAmateur (London, GB)

Great vision in the city.

sdzn (Lausanne, CH)

Un pti suisse qui déchire sa mémé.

Lemim (Nantes, FR)

Le Maitre.

jaytral (Paris, FR)

Elizerman (Bergerac, FR)

Un peu de Parr, un peu de punk, beaucoup d'impact.