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Likes: music, art, writing, europe, blues, satire, beat, jesse, starving artists, byronic heroes

About Me:
"love, love in a trashcan" sang the jukebox
ever so cavalierly we stared an instant too
long & her gaze snapped shut, like barrettes
were in her hair, redder than the grenadine
in her shirley temple sloshed decadently as
she stirred in my heart an obscenity found its
way to my mouth longed for her cherry-red...
popped my bubblegum & i tried to coolly smile
spread across her face too intense was the
feeling to be contained in her sweating glass
was a delicate paper parasol that was pink
like her polka-dot bow & arrow of cupid shot
me harder than ever before i knew it her hand
was up my dress which was fray-ended with a

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