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Member: sYzYgYsT
Located: Van Down by the RiveUS
Age: 65
Birthday: Sep 07.

Likes: polaroids, music, cameras, guitars, girls, girls making self portraits lol, trains, the ocean, girls smoking, things that make me say

About Me:
I've got tons of Polaroids to scan. Most of what I've done lately is with a 4x5 Speed Graphic and various vintage lenses but the film is getting harder to find and way out of my price range. Luckily I can still get black and white 4x5 film to develop by hand. I still have a few SX-70 cameras and some 669 peel apart film but nothing to shoot with right now. Feel free to hit me up for some SX-70 time exposure and light painting techniques (examples to follow). I'm something of an expert though I don't shoot as much now.

Nice URL's:
Great site for Graflex cameras and forums
Polaroid forums at
The Land List - Great Info site about cameras and film

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