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I'm not the first photographer whose interest in photography began with photographing her children! Some of the photographers who most inspire me (Sally Mann and Lynn Geesaman to name a couple) began their amazing careers by taking photographs of their children. Portraiture remains a genre I very much love.

When I got my first SX-70, however, is when I became truly passionate about photography. I was a Polaroid convert! The moment I saw what Time-Zero film could do with light, I wanted to put away Photoshop for good. Time-Zero changed the way I felt about photography. It changed the way I looked at light. For me, Time-Zero film is nothing short of poetry through light...

Positive magic. Painted light.

Unlike the formidable photographers who began careers by photographing their families, I must have a day job. By profession, I'm a network designer and Unix systems administrator. Very intellectually stimulating but not very poetic.

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