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Age: 69
Birthday: Nov 26.

Likes: i like to watch, to listen, to read, to write, to travel & to fly

About Me:
SX-70 was my first love in 1977, when it was really brandnew. No one else but me owned such a beautiful thing. It was an affaire, too short but intensive. Other lovers follwed, les pays étrangers, the attractive black Nikon F2, la belle architecture, la musique, la littérature. Today I know, that my first love Polaroid has been my greatest love at all.

My 30 years old SX-70 collection left to be inspiration for my literature works. If You enjoy my pictures, understand German and like to listen to audiobooks, You are invited to visit Aphrodites Q-4artett, an exciting audiobook novel of love, romance and adventure.

My newest action is playing e-guitar in a salsa band,

If You like to see more 1977-photos have a look at this

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