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Located: BostonUS
Age: 58
Birthday: Oct 24.

Likes: polaroids, holgas, movies, black and white photographs, andy warhol, medium format photography, instant gratification, science fiction, religious iconography

About Me:
My first camera was a Polaroid of some kind or another that I bought at a yard sale for a couple of dollars. That camera has long since disappeared, but it is not forgotten.

My next camera was a Pentax ME Super. I took lots of photos with it, but I hardly ever had them developed. Too lazy.

For a long time I didn't take any pictures at all, then one day I picked up a Joycam and remembered how much fun the instant gratification of instant photography could be and now I have, urm, quite a few Polaroid cameras as well as three Holgas, and a Nikon. My only digigam is my T-Mobile Sidekick. It's quite crappy, but good enough for on the go pics that I can post immediately.

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