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Age: 40
Birthday: May 25.

Likes: my friends, old things, black chocolate, the atlantic ocean, portugal&spain, À la verticale de l'ÉtÉ (wonderful movi, i love cinema, true colors, the rain& the fall, i like to take a pencil and draw without, old streets, old photographs, old cameras, old dresses...and... i especially like t

About Me:
I was born in 1984 (George Orwell´s). Childhood expended in Galicia, not very interesting except when I was a little girl playing games all the time. In 2001 (A space Oddisey) I moved to Madrid and I started to study fine arts. I wish I could had my polaroid there, in my first year!! But I discovered this too late, in 2006 I bought my 636 in Ukraine. Now, i´m waiting for other two cameras, they are coming by air mail. let´s see what can i do with them.

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