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Member: thatguygil
Located: Salt Lake CityUS
Age: 123
Birthday: May 05.

Likes: polaroids, polaroid, photography, friends, travel, taking pictures, zines, stickers, good times, coffee table books, t-shirts, talking shit, finding weird shit on ebay, reality tv, bad movies, good movies, reminiscing with people i dont know, 23, 3 ring binders, alt porn, boobs, buttons, deftones, don king, drunk edge, dvds, energy drinks, faith no more, ( . y . ), glam, indie girls, little japanese toys, lucha libre, mardi gras, metal!!!, owen wilson's nose, pro wrestling, public nudity, reality porn, sanrio, slc, swatch, telemundo, wet t shirts, yoohoo

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just a guy who likes to take pictures. ... all the pics dated 1940...whatever are because i realy have no idea when i took them & are between 4 and 15 yrs old.

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