Past Project (2008-01-04 till 2008-01-10)
"Jahreswechsel" is a weird word that we weird folx in the mothaland of polanoid use for the days around new years eve. Literally translated the word means "change of the year". So, logically the new challenge is obvious:
We wanna see two shots showing a subject (person, object, bodypart, whatevah) that (more or less) dramatically changed during the past year. One shot taken in 2007, one shot taken in 2008. The two pictures must be uploaded at once, in form of the popular so-called "diptych". For detailed guidelines, the full list of mandatory prerequisites and some exemplary examples please click HERE. Please study the instructions carefully - submissions that dont meet the project requirements have abzolutely zero winning chances and will be removed from the project as soon as discovered.
Winning Picture:
"." by ronan
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