Past Project (2010-12-15 till 2011-01-03)
 IN THE YEAR 2525 
"'ll pick your son, pick your daughter too. From the bottom of a long glass tube. In the year 7510, if God's a-coming, he oughta make it by then. " Yes folks, that dreaded 1969 prophetic song lyric by Zager and Evans from years gone by coming back to haunt you. We like prophecies and we like having the panties scared right off of us, don't we. Hey, Esma back in the saddle again with yet ANOTHER PROJECT THEME! After listening to this delightful song, I thought it would be a great idea for IN THE YEAR 2525 project. Just read that lyric above! My tin foil hat is already swarming with ideas. *hint hint*. So folks, get out your cameras....your tin foil, your antennas, your UFO's, your eight legged cats, your two-headed sister.....and everything else you can imagine that you would interpret the theme IN THE YEAR 2525. Just think FUTURISTIC FALLOUT....DISTURBING PREDICTIONS....SCIENCE FICTION MUMBO JUMBO....TEST TUBE TOES. You get the idea. Now bring them to me. ME! As always, the interpretation is of course up to you. NEW WORK is preferred, but will also accept older work too. Lastly, I always like to hold the bar really high and my eyes will welcome any entry that is made with the utmost effort, enthusiasm and humor. BEGIN! Project idea and instruction lyrics by our esteemed fraulein esma
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"What I am?" by m6
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