sixblueten (San Francisco, US)

it was him who got me started finally - joining and contributing instead of just watch (ha, but I like that!).
and if you look closely at his pics, you can see he has the gift of wake open eyes that just catch the beauty as it is.

LiA (Wien, AT)

what a pity she deleted all her beautiful pictures updated. polaroids are back

Hugh Whitaker (, )

Hugh's Landscapes don't need words. I could look at them for hours.

inkaust (Krakow, PL)

Her Pictures are Images, telling stories. I am very interested in the development of her work as I think she has a very own, distinguished approach.
I am very happy to have met her here (and in real)

bartlebooth (Washington DC, US)

we both are members of the SOTF and the RFTA
- though, concerning our mission, I'd be happy if the expression on his profile pic would look a bit more happy... updated. there is another one. -
society of tree friends
revolutionaries for the analogue

pinkiestyle (Columbus, OH, US)

charming member with sense for happiness
and in my opinion, her "still intact" (pid=160964 - no linking here??) gets way to less attention...

manwinmodesty (Stockholm, SE)

patterns and beauty everywhere
truly and fresh SX-70

polaspin (Udine, IT)

using equipment well-chosen but free of bounds, knowing what he wants but accepting random, having a philosophical background on - and creates them - images.

sealette (Edinburgh, GB)

the first polanoider who is part of my private polaroid collection :))

culleton (Nagasaki, JP)

life in japan :-)
second polanoider who is part of my private collection
did you realize he switched to full throttle?
he rocks

julienb (***, FR)

I like people who get excited about things they like. He likes the everchanging Sky, the everstanding Trees, the possibilities of Ableton and the Movies of Lynch. So do I.

calicant (Ferrara, IT)

As he has titled his selfportrait "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" I feel myself entitled to name him my Universal friend ;-)

jillog (Washington DC, US)

talented. absolutely. she not only proved that already, I'm even very curious what will come.
she has reflections about taking portraits and photos others take of oneself I share. And takes marvellous selfportraits.

booombooom (Hellemmes, FR)

we both grew up with camping, share the wish for a renaissance of old-style family photographs - and he's made some great images full of atmosphere in in the last months I adore

Jose605 (Madrid, ES)

my art-mate.

klean-x (Athens, GR)

look at his "sky"!

Ivan (Pula, HR)

Friend from Pula.. :)

joster (Countryside, SE)

a funny swede who feeds me with chocolate and beautiful eyes. A relief to read his comments (or whatever), a guy very close with his 600SE that his girl should watch out, and I really wonder how his movies would be alike...

fifth polanoider who is part of my private polaroid collection.

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

I like her way to communicate - and her work, which (to me) is genuine in that way, that it touches me while at the same time turns off the language part of my brain.
(maybe because she just _does_ , in the same way as she just _speaks_ when it urges her - which I both appreciate)

Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf (Berlin, DE)

weil der mal behauptet hat, das er jemand kennt, den ich auch kenn. und wenn das stimmt, dann mag ich ihn. weil ich niemand kenn, den der kennt, den ich nicht mag.
written in secret language because this guy can keep them

matteo (Lugano, CH)

one of my camera-mates with whom I share a passion for beautiful old things, which have to live - and beautiful landscapes

tonkatsu76 (Nagasaki, JP)

- gentle guy whom i admire for his polaroids of special moments.

tigalita (Berlin, DE)

her polaroids are like the movies I defend again and again: the slow ones, which unfold to a richness no spectacle could ever gain.

reddude945 (New York City, US)

young and enthusiastic!
good thing. and good here.

xeal (75012, FR)

bof. pour le DOF. (not only:)
a 665pn master. un 600SE ami.
photography at it's finest. this guy has an eye for the classics.

Rio (Berlin, DE)

hehe.. actually, he is a berliner!
(we both reflecteded on the term 'home' once)

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

if somebody really is passionated, it is drew (check link). he not only uses some of the nicest cameras and add-ons (on a wide range), he also beats the last something out of them (i.e. link) - while having a good eye to sense and capture moods. constantly.
I admire his patience while taking his shots and the ability of his polaroids to really lend someone his eyes (for me, especially this: link).
genuine photography. this man has polaroid chemicals in his blood, constantly triggering his visual nerve.

piotr_zastrozny (Sopot, PL)

Piotr. I know his work for some time now, far before polanoid started. I admire his variety and quality. Simply as that. Check out his site, if you haven't so far!
uh, and as polanoid is gettin bigger and bigger, I am very happy somebody like him is takin' part again. muchveryalot.

marisapage (San Francisco, US)

oh how I envy her for this polaroid:
"slotin' it up in 07!"

Pola_Me (Ljungkile, SE)

gentle swede living in germany, who surprised me with a great polaroid in my physical mailbox, showing an instant moment of memory, art, history - and a nice extra.
a man who I envy for his job - producing art books. one (for me) of the most important and beautiful things. pieces that will still be there and witness time, culture and personalities, when we all will be gone.
check out his gallery - it includes a genuine polaroidic documentation of this, worth a book itself (and again - plus some extras).

third polanoider who I'm proud to be part of my private polaroid collection.

ABC (, )

a lovely project

once it was. when it was called the abecedarium. and the images of the people were up.
well. now it's gone, here. a pity.
actually, a shame.

Ms.V (, )

not altered, multilayered, dreamy.
curiously waiting for more

catartica (Gravina (BA), IT)

experimental collages with ancient windows.
the italian way of SX-70.
awaiting the peel-aparts with open eyes.

plaukas (Vilnius, LT)

I met him at the polaroid-pinhole workshop I gave in RIGA 2007. he was the first to show up, made all his way from Vilnius. and I made him addicted :)
he will upload some cool pinholevisions soon. I'm sure.

Stefano (, )

yes. oh yes.
-I just leave some letters here to let you form some appropriate words on your own:


fourth polanoider who is part of my private polaroid collection. I consider it also a lifetime-archive for him.

Siho (Gamagori, JP)

obsessed (not only by polaroid, but) by the daily view to a bay, this man is able to give back the feeling you have in nature with his lovely landscapes.
but that's not all. be sure to check out his website!

Ilovethe1970s (Overland Park, US)

his nickname and age makes me feel old

orezemit (Roswell, US)

absolutely. the good ghost around here.
We have similar thoughts about pictures that are not there.

zveliakine (***, FR)

Zvevi. I wonder where he takes all that time from for all the things he does. Plus, he's helplessly addicted. I like all that. An absolut enrichment that he appeared here.

musterfrau (Konstanz, DE)

Should have added her a long time ago. Little pieces of Beauty again and again. I too often have missed.

JamieBrown (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

He's quite into my pants.
I love him.

rabbitandsparrow (New York, US)

I like.

laura1982 (Porto sant' elpidio, IT)

purismo italiano.

CDR (Cornwall, GB)

friend of toys.
friend of the ocean.
friend of elves and unicorns.

colourspace (Warwick, GB)

an encounter of my early times here, lost and happily found again.
an own signature, and a beautiful one. fragments, moments. colour-space.

plus, child portraits, which are (well done) gettin' out of fashion, though they are timeless (and not at all at the same time, which both together makes it even more valueable for a comeback).

and the most charming photobooth pictures I've ever seen.

WebMeister (Wien, AT)

my dear.

[more later. I'm too tipsy right now.]

macs (, )

(no words right now. just take look at his polaroids till then.
would love to meet him in krakow in feb. hope it'll work out. hope things work out better this year. as said, look at his polaroids* to get the point I make a reference to.)
*unfortunately not available at the moment

lucky (Nottingham, GB)



nathan67 (Surnadal, NO)

new member I'm glad he joined. wonderful views, papernegative works and a healthy add to this community
(my favourite at the moment: Are you sure there is none left mummy?)

australija (Kaunas, LT)

polalunatic friend from the Baltics I somehow always missed to bump into when being at the RIGA Airport Photobooth

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

was time. not only I missed his uploads way too often (-he's an artist without question-), he's somebody who's presence I appreciate a lot on this site, and somebody who, in the first instance, likes to think good about things and people, which I share.

My.Iowa (., US)

My.Iowa is My.Iowa

arnevandermeer (Düsseldorf, DE)

we tinker around.
and try to succeed in kartellabsprachen.

joel (Bierges, BE)

formerly mistercrash. nearly jeol.
simple and multilayered not a lot understand

ginkaust (, )

fruits of passion

lilmo (Warszawa, PL)

for patient.
for polaroid.
for (s)peaking less.
for writing wonderful.

good soul in warszawa.

maple.thorn (, )

imaginary hearts

angels don't speak. and mostly, are invisible.
but are there. and take care.
of good child's souls.

yoffrey (Basel, CH)

to meet in Riga, though we are both from hamburg is one thing.
to see what he does with a pinholecamera another.
architect with sense for beauty.
refreshing guy. really.

everyday he calls and asks what me eat today. and every few days he asks for another film. i feel like a dealer.
just hope he doesn't empty the fridge when I'm not in Riga.

Reindeer (, )

(, )

RRRiga (Riga, LV)

document of a time.

LEjovik (Baltimore, US)


petere (Tyresö, SE)

needless to say i am glad he arrived at this site. not only because i have a faible for large format, but because i have one for the more silent and strong images as well.
and skills.

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

Don Uri. The Sir. I respect him a lot, for his kindness, and his creativity. I share a lot of information and help willingly, but some secrets I keep for myself. he's one of the few i share with. because i knew he will just come up with something complete own and unique. and he did.
oh, and later i met him. and i got not disappointed.

Lashes (Paris, FR)

poladots was a great account. but i always wondered who i am speaking to and who speaks at all (as well in the pictures). maybe that has to do with my own history, studying arthistory, artist-couples of the past, the woman behind the man.. whatever. when lashes appeared, i was - in a way- relieved. to see it's different. may sound cliché, but it's deeper. telling more, more vulnerable.
when I was in Paris, I wanted to meet a lot of people. but i sure wanted to meet her. and i did. and i was impressed by two things: a.) that she is constantly smiling and laughing a lot b.) her creativity and talent (i saw some sketches).

(the profile pic i choosed not for her bare boob, but her skills. check the story behind that one out yourself if you don't believe me ;)

antouane (, )

I'm glad i experienced him together with lashes. not that my french is perfect in any way, but it was good enough to get a second insight. this man may appear slow, but he's fast and sharp as a razorblade. as are his skills in photography.
it would make me unbelievable glad (and no wonder) if someday he will be one of the few professional photographers you talk about, who still knows about it the analogue way - and uses it.
tableaus. his images.

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

wahrscheinlich die einzige, die ich hier friendshippe, die polaroids hasst. und die sachen damit macht, die ich (eigentlich, sonst) ebenso - weniger mag.
aber sie ist einfach gut. verdammt gut.

(try an online dictionary to get what i said. I had to say this in german. I would have done it in armenian as well, but i don't speak it unfortunately)

Esther.Z.Schnickenacke (Muenchen, DE)

so ähnlich.
aber sie ist blond.

(quite similar.
but she is blonde)

jimsnade (Muenchen, DE)

my romanian-anglo-bavarian sir-friend.

mixed_pickles (, )

see above

(where? well, that's part of it..)


an infinite story.


aelstn (Hamburg, DE)

con cannelle

member of my cooking salon. and doublevotable. she gave me back the believe in the youth. but somehow, she's ageless anyway. or will never change it. she's...
(see above)

birdclaws (Baltimore, US)

THE Brian.

daphodile (New York, US)


Mijonju (Tokyo, JP)

he's not only my favourite porn collector,
i also have to smile everytime i hear him speaking about his babies.

neptune (Hamburg, DE)

in fact, she's a little star

heinisch (Darmstadt, DE)

patient guy with an eye

mattjudas (Levanto, IT)

cinematic visions

ausra (Vilnius, LT)

baltic visions

polarsteve (Baden-Baden, DE)

an end-eighties/beginning nineties spectra oeuvre.
what polaroids are made for.
go see.

Lex (Wien, AT)

nobody ever kissed my belly more often

merge (Portland, OR, US)

certainly one of the more creative and talented folks around here

nepumug (Dortmund, DE)

glad he's here now.
have a look!

dracula (., US)


philippebourgoin (Paris, FR)

tasty II

selander (Malmö, SE)

for a very brief moment I once saw the eyes of the man behind these photos.
and one day, I'd like to see this again, on an introduction page of a wonderful book of images the eyes of this man saw and turned into one-of-a-kinds.

papayaspoint (Genova, IT)


noidmeister (Wien, AT)

young man in the ark

KneeBee (Wuerzburg, DE)

Die Frau mit dem grossen

Und Ihre Bilder macht sie selber.

maxipedri (Verona, IT)

infinitwooo (HAM->MUC, DE)

woo woo woo

well. hopefully.

recurrentdream (Los Angeles, CA, US)

sometimes you wonder about a polaroid in the stream and wonder why it haven't shown up in your friends' pix. and then you realize you were friends somewhere else.

BastianK (Freyung, DE)

    |             O)
 --V--   +  /OO|
  /i |           /v |
 /   |        /      |


dieterschmitz (Fischbach-Goeslikon, CH)

another hidden pearl on this site. browse his pictures for some treasures and see what could be achieved with polaroid back then.

agaschinka (Berlin, DE)

poetry in black and white
and colour.

S_M_D976 (Philadelphia, US)

LicetBovi (Hamburg, DE)



Frenchcockpit (Paris, FR)


je suis fan.

marcoragana (Padova, IT)

Admittedly, I find the SX-70 one of the most difficult cameras to get a well -framed picture with. The more I am surprised, and honour, if somebody manages this with nearly each image.
And the more, if it's not just eye-candy, but more, emotions, and stories carried with.

redfoxpress (Achill Island, IE)

does marvellous books.

(and is more mad at collecting polaroid-stuff than me ;)

010101010101 (Seoul, KR)

i consider her my imaginary seoulmate

unclear (Clarks Summit, US)

unclear, but his images come to my conscious mind way more clear and instantly than I could find the words for to describe.
which is - rich.
and the power of images.

Spikegirl (***, FR)

paullindeboom (Alkmaar, NL)

dens (Rennes, FR)

Wil (Troyes, FR)

iamina (...irgendwo, DE)

ullo (Bruxelles, BE)

a friend for a long time whom I never had on this list.

denys (***, )

69Pola (..., )

wish (Civitanova marche, IT)

ulisse (Bari, IT)

Philippe (Papeete, PF)

SteveTilbury (London, GB)

danilo (Verbania, IT)

Questoroid (Vicenza, IT)

internitsch (Wiesbaden, DE)

It took me just over ten years to realize this man is not on this list. But as TIME is a huge player in his work, I may be excused (even if I still owe him a pack of type20 I think).
In the body of work the medium POLAROID offered, he is a huge player.

vadim (Charleroi, BE)

and another thirteen years to realize mr. v is not on my list, a shame, not only because I had to realize I really did miss a pretty atmospheric series for over ten years...
to still get surprised on this site and find hidden treasures is a beautiful thing, though

edulterado (Barcelona, ES)