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Located: TexasUS
Age: 36
Birthday: Mar 29.

Likes: flowers, everything, imperfection, bubbles, perfection, emotion -or lack there of, exotic animals

About Me:
i went into walgreens one day to buy some film (after the sad news). i had gotten three packs that came out to about 50 bucks. the woman behind me says, "girl! what did you buy that was so expensive?!" not used to the southern lack of privacy, i told her it was film and tried to be on my way -but the cashier wouldn't give me my bag! her and the woman in line started talking about my purchase and told me that it's about time i go DIGITAL. my blood started to boil. i told them that yes, i have a digital camera, but this is just what i do. the cahsier -still not giving me my bag- says in a bitchy tone, "what will you do when you can't find it anymore?" I grabbed my bag out of her hand and said, "I will cry."

....damn lady never gave me my receipt.

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