Past Project (2010-11-22 till 2010-12-13)
Did you ever get the feeling that you were Out Of Place because your shoes dated circa 1975 at your Grand Parents holiday party? Yea, me too. Or did you ever witness that cute fuzzy kitten on top of your neighbors roof, helpless and crying mercilessly? Yes, even that I saw. Or, you're doing the shopping and feast your eyes on a bunch of delicious grapes only to find a HUGE SLUG slithering up your finger?! Yes to all of thee above. I can probably place AND plant a lot of things, people, in my mind that would be considered, Out Of Place. I think you can too. Think of it as the perfect photo opportunity. It requires you to have your camera ready at all times. Or, if you just want to be creative, you can assemble something or someone to appear, Out Of Place, in any situation. I will allow the cards to be played in any fashion. As always, the interpretation is of course up to you. Lastly, I always like to hold the bar really high and my eyes will welcome any entry that is made with the utmost effort, enthusiasm and humor. Note: NEW PHOTOGRAPHS taken for the project preferred, but older ones fitting the subject (as well as plastic insects) will be gladly accepted too. Enter as many times as you want. Start the clock!! Project idea and instruction lyrics by our esteemed fraulein esma
Winning Picture:
"the race" by journeynoire
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